Marikina Cityhood Park

One of the many parks here in Marikina and is also one of the City’s landmarks is the Cityhood Park.

marikina cityhood park (1)

The park has a Spanish inspired facade that resembles a church. It has 12 bronze cup-shaped bells imported from Italy and have been scheduled to play a melody every hour from 8:00AM to 6:00PM and can be heard within 700 meters.

marikina cityhood park (3)

At the top middle of the structure is a big clock which according to former Marikina Mayor Marides Fernando is a symbol “to encourage Marikeños to be conscious of time. Being productive is one important attribute that we want Marikeños to be known for.”

marikina cityhood park (2)

Rear view of the facade

The Mairkina Cityhood Park is located at the corner of Sumulong Highway and Shoe Avenue (you won’t miss it)


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