Marikina Events

Don’t know what events are happening here in Marikina?

From Google Images

From Google Images

Aside from the event posts here at Inisde Marikina (,You can also keep track of the events here in the city by checking out the Events Page of Inisde Marikina on Facebook.

Marikina Events

Meanwhile. here is a list of annual events and festivals in Marikina:

    • Ilognayan River Festival (second week of February)
    • Art Exhibit in Celebration of Art Month
    • Marikina Food Festival (last weekend of the month)
    • Ka-angkan Festival
    • Marikina Founding Anniversary Celebrations
    • Philippine National Fireworks Festival
    • Marikina Summer Sports Camp
  • MAY
    • Marikina Summer Sports Camp
  • JUNE
    • Grand Mass Wedding (sponsored by LGU)
  • JULY
    • Marikina Pet (cats and dogs) Registration and FREE anti Rabies vaccination
    • Sapatos (Shoe) Festival (usually starts September)
    • Sapatos (Shoe) Festival (continued)
    • Marikina Halloween Parade
    • Oplan Kaluluwa for All Soul’s and All Sain’t day
    • Sapatos (Shoe) Festival (continued): Street Dancing Competition, tour de Takong
    • Teacher’s Day every 2nd Friday of December (no classes)
    • Marikina Christmas Tiangge (Tiangge sa Ilog)
    • Rehiyon-Rehiyon Festival – To celebrate the Cityhood of Marikina
    • Marikina Annual Fireworks Display/Pyromusical Show – December 30
    • Riverbanks Center Annual Fireworks Display (December 30)
    • Sapatos Festival (ends December 31)

Now, you’ll never miss an event here in Marikina…

Disclaimer: Except when indicated otherwise, the blogger/admin/writer is not an organizer nor a staff of the events that is and will be posted on this blog or Facebook Page. For inquiries and clarifications about the event/activity, please contact the organizers directly. I will endeavor to put the contact infos of the event/activity organizers. Furthermore, the details about the event may change without prior notice.


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