Marikina Events: DANCE EVOLUTION LIVE 3.0

The Community Relations Office of the City Government of Marikina is inviting everyone to join the  “DANCE EVOLUTION LIVE 3.0: WINNER TAKES ALL”

dance evolution 2013Dance Evolution Live 3.0 will start on November 28, 2013 (eliminations) at Plaza delos Alcaldes (in front of Marikina City Hall) Marikina Cityhood Park and finals will be held at the same venue on December 15, 2013.

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Contest is open to all talented kids and youth within Marikina and nearby places.
  2.  Participants must present their Birth Certificate (original and photocopy) to verify their age.
  3. Categories are as follows:
    •  Kids Category : 12 – 16 years old
    •  Youth Category : 17 – 30 years old
  4. Group must have at least ten (10) to fifteen (15) members.
  5.  A maximum of five (5) minutes shall be allotted for each group for their presentation otherwise the organizer has the right to cut the music.
  6.  Sharp objects like actual knives and spears, intoxicating fumes, oil and inflammable materials and fireworks should not be used as props in order to avoid accidents during the performance.
  7.  Each group must provide their audio CD / USB containing ONLY the music they shall be using thirty (30) minutes before the contest proper. CD / USB must be cued and ready to play. Backup music is strongly recommended.
  8.  There will be an Elimination Round per category and winners will compete for the semi-final round to qualify for the Grand Finals.
  9. Criteria for Judging are as follows:
    •  Overall Choreography – 30%
    • Originality – 20%
    • Costume – 20%
    • Synchronization – 20%
    • Audience Impact – 10%
  10. Winner-Takes-All scheme will be implemented for both categories.
  11.  All participants are required to attend the orientation to be set on November 26, 2013 (venue to be announced later)
  12. Judges decisions are final and not appealable.
  13. Protests should be submitted in written form
  14. The organizers are not liable for any injuries as a result of accident(s) during participation in the Dance Evolution Live 3.0.

For other details and schedules of activities, please contact:

Community Relations Office
Tel. #: 646-6516
Ask for: Margie Loquias / 0946-6175884
Jen Angelo / 0999-4328580

Check out their Facebook page:

dance evolution registration form

UPDATE: here are the dates for the elimination and Finals for the Dance Evolution Live 3.0

2013 dance evolution marikina

Note:: The blogger is not in any way connected with the organizers of this event.


3 thoughts on “Marikina Events: DANCE EVOLUTION LIVE 3.0

  1. Hi, I just have questions and concerns regarding the semi final round. This is not to appeal or protest.

    1. It is important for any group to know their standing/rank/score. May ibang group kasing nagtatanong sa staff nyo at sabing hindi daw pwede at nasa rules daw yun.

    2. May dance group po na sumayaw na eliminated na.

    Wala lang TRANSPARENCY, I think there’s something wrong with tonight’s round. I hope you could give me answers with this feedback. Thanks

    • Hi Choi,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. First, let me clarify that this blog, Inside Marikina, is not connected in any way with the organizers of this event. Having said that, I will not be able to give you any official statement regarding your concerns.

      But personally, here is my take on it: Transparency, i think it is within their limits not to show the team standings during semi final rounds. But they should show it during the final round or after the event. Or, they can show the scores now without the names of the teams. Kagaya sa ABS-CBN shows diba?

      They can also eliminate during the semi-final rounds.

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