Thanks sa pagsagip mga Kapamilya

Two weeks after the rampage of Typhoon Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana), my family has mostly recovered from the trauma and the trouble that it poured on us. We’re still changing our electrical system. A complete overhaul.

I’ve already said THANK YOU to those who came to our aid during the first few days after Ondoy came. But if I narrated my Ondoy ordeal, allow me also to detail here in my blog the people who helped us.

  • To our neighbor, Mr. and Mrs. Domingo who always allows us to use their home (with 2nd and 3rd floors) as an evacuation center during incidents like this. Thank You!
  • My Aunt MEG, who went to our house from Fairview even if the roads have not yet been cleared and even if it was hard to get a ride to Marikina. She also brought lunch for us. Thank You!
  • To my Aunt Linda and Uncle Noni who checked on us if we were ok and brought food. And other relatives who came to our house and brought relief, in cash, kind, and strength. Thank you!
  • To my relatives who texted and called to text on us. Thank you!
  • To my good friend Bryant who checked on my family. Thank you!

I was also in constant communication with my Wife who was in Bulacan.


Survivor: Markina

I asked myself, when will Marikina Recover from the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana).


Well, the answer is SOON.

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The day after Ondoy

A lot of our stuff has now gone to waste. Memorabilia’s that I’ve been keeping for years, now in the trash bin. Important documents and reference books soaked in floodwaters and mud.

DSC00360 (Medium)

Household appliances now going to the junk yard.

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My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 6

Part 6: Here’s the last part of my account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Still Sunday, September 27, 2009

  • Around 5:15 AM: A passenger got off in front of Immaculate Conception Church. Then I heard a lady shouting “Para mama”. She and I presume her child, got on board. They were wet and were not wearing any slippers. She kept on saying “Binaha kami” and “walang natira samin”. She also added “magpapakawala daw sila ng tubig sa dam”.

typhoon ondoy

Pic from doctorcarlo

I got off at the stop light before reaching Conception Market. Mercury Drug was closed and looks empty. I found out the following day that it lost much of its products and medicines. I saw a bed in front of Conception Market. I don’t know from which part of town it came from.

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My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 5

Part 5: Here’s the continuation of my account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Still Sunday, September 27, 2009

  • Around 4:30 AM: On my way down the bridge, I noticed vehicles coming from J.P. Rizal Street. I saw someone hail a taxi. I heard them say Parang. The three passengers went inside the cab and it drove to the direction of J.P. Rizal St.


So I though, if the driver agreed to bring them to Parang, that means flood waters have already subsided not only in Parang, but also on the roads going there.

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My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 4

Part 4: Here’s the continuation of my account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Still Sunday, September 27, 2009

  • Around 3:15 AM: I was on top of Ligaya foot bridge. What I saw from there was like a scene in a movie… Red tail lights from vehicles submerged in flood waters. I heard a man preaching that it was God’s way of letting people know that they have sinned.. etc…

sta lucia Pic from Francesca In France

Imagine, if the flood waters during mid day was waist deep in front of Sta. Lucia and Robinson’s Metro East malls, how high could they have gone by late afternoon? Well some said they were chest deep, while some said “lagpas tao”.

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My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 3

Part 3: Here’s the continuation of my account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Still – Saturday, September 26, 2009

  • 9:20 PM: I arrived at LRT 2 Santolan Station.

    I saw a lot of people on top of the station’s platform. They were all looking at the side of Marcos Highway. I knew it was flooded.. But I didn’t expect flood waters to be waist high.

0926200912095 (Medium)

I took the above picture 4 hours after I arrived at the station. I was conserving the battery of my cellphone as it was running low.