Marikina Events: Cityhood Anniversary Celebration

Come and celebrate the Cityhood of Marikina on December 7, 2013!

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Elections in Marikina

Marikina City was in a fiesta mood today as voters flock their respective voting precincts.


Our assigned precinct is inside Conception elementary school.

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ID system to be implemented in Marikina

Marikina City residents will soon have their own ID as the Marikina City Government is preparing to implement an individual ID system.

Not much details as of now. But I think It will somewhat be like the Marikina Taxpayer’s ID and Marikina Health passport. And hopefully it will be like that where residents get discounts at several establishments within the city.

But my naughty brain tells me that this will be used during the upcoming elections. Lets see.

Marikina City Live Help – online chat

The Marikina City Government has made a new way of making it easy for us to communicate with them whenever you need help.


You can now use Marikina Live Help chat. Just log on to the official Marikina City website. I hope someone will man this chat during emergencies. Any feedback from you my dear readers about using this facility would be appreciated.

The shoes survived!

Marikina City, the shoe capital of the Philippines, is home to the wide array of shoes of former first lady, Imelda Marcos.


It is housed at the Footwear Museum or more popularly known as Marikina Shoe Museum located along J.P. Rizal Street at Barangay San Roque.

Guess what… the shoes survived ondoy!

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Thanks sa pagsagip mga Kapamilya

Two weeks after the rampage of Typhoon Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana), my family has mostly recovered from the trauma and the trouble that it poured on us. We’re still changing our electrical system. A complete overhaul.

I’ve already said THANK YOU to those who came to our aid during the first few days after Ondoy came. But if I narrated my Ondoy ordeal, allow me also to detail here in my blog the people who helped us.

  • To our neighbor, Mr. and Mrs. Domingo who always allows us to use their home (with 2nd and 3rd floors) as an evacuation center during incidents like this. Thank You!
  • My Aunt MEG, who went to our house from Fairview even if the roads have not yet been cleared and even if it was hard to get a ride to Marikina. She also brought lunch for us. Thank You!
  • To my Aunt Linda and Uncle Noni who checked on us if we were ok and brought food. And other relatives who came to our house and brought relief, in cash, kind, and strength. Thank you!
  • To my relatives who texted and called to text on us. Thank you!
  • To my good friend Bryant who checked on my family. Thank you!

I was also in constant communication with my Wife who was in Bulacan.

Survivor: Markina

I asked myself, when will Marikina Recover from the wrath of Typhoon Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana).


Well, the answer is SOON.

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