Paella Festival in Marikina – Eat all you can!

Eat All You Can Festival featuring a wide array of Paella choices.

Paella Festival Marikina

Paella Festival Marikina

WHAT: Paella Festival 2014 – Hosted by Song and Lydda’s Food Service
WHEN: November 21, 2014 | 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
WHERE: Kapitan Moy Main Hall.


1. SPANISH PAELLA (in tomato sauce with lechon and seafoods.)
2. PAELLA NEGRA MARINARA. (in black squid ink sauce with seafoods.)
3. INDIAN PAELLA (in curried spicy sauce with seafoods)
4. CHINESE KIAMPONG PAELLA (with chicken pork adobo mix with pechay, gabi and peanuts.)
5. KOREAN PAELLA (sweet spicy with sesame seeds and toasted pork ribs.)
6. JAPANESE GOMOKU GOHAN. GREEN PAELLA. (seasoned with herbs and variety of nuts)

Aside from 6 different paellas, they will also serve plain rice, pork sinigang, and kansi (soup with beef kneecap cooked in langka chunks and kamias).

PHP 550.00 per head. PHP 440.00 for Senior Citizens.

Eat all you can with Bottomless Iced Tea

They currently have a promo: Reserve 1 table of 10 and you will only pay for 9!

For reservations and inquiries, you may contact: / 225-1559 / 263-6239 / 0917-598-2174

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