In Marikina: The Silhouette Spa

The Silhouette Spa in Marikina offers relaxation and wellness.

The Silhouette spa in Marikina

The Silhouette spa in Marikina

They offer a variety of massage and spa services.


  • Regular Foot spa
  • Foot spa with mani-pedi
  • Foot spa + 20min foot massage
  • Foot spa + 20m massage + pedi
  • Hand spa + 20m massage
  • Hand spa + 20m massage + mani


  • Full body massage (1 hour) *Signature massage includes Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflex, Stretching, and Hilot
  • VENTOSA with massage
  • Banana Leaf Scanning
  • Banana Leaf, Ventosa, Massage
  • Body Scrub (1 hour)
  • Hand massage (30 minutes)
  • Foot massage (30 minutes)
  • Hand and Foot massage (30 m)
  • Back Massage (30m)
  • Head Massage (20 minutes)
  • Chair Massage (30 minutes)

According to The Silhouette Spa owner Jael Ilao,

We promote not only relaxation, but also “wellness.” We really see to it that all our clients’ needs are satisfied.

Although we have a signature sequence massage, we try our best to cater to our clients’ needs and try to focus on their “trouble spots or problem areas” (e.g. shoulders, back, or arms). We almost all the time, exceed beyond an hour because our concern is not mainly to earn, but to promote wellness, rejuvenation, and health.

Jael further added that their massage therapists are well trained and TESDA certified.  They also undergo retraining regularly to maintain and improve the quality of their service.

They have promos every month. This month’s promos:

  • Promo A: Get 100 pesos off on couple’s massage [400 pesos for two instead of 500]
  • Promo B: Free add-on service of your choice (choices are ventosa or hairspa or footspa) when you avail body scrub (comes with one hour full body massage) – 3 services in one for only 400 pesos.
  • National Heroes’ Day Promo (only for August 25):  – Free add on services of your choice (ear candling, or sauna, or ventosa) for every one hour full body massage [massage is 250, btw].

Aside from Massage and Spa services, The Silhouette Spa, is also a one-stop glam and rejuvenating shop. They have hair care and nail care services.

The Silhouette Spa is located at the 2nd floor 128 Katipunan Street Marikina Heights Marikina City (near Puregold Jr Marikina/Baytree). For reservation and inquiries, you may contact them here: 0908-364-0686 | 9498648 or check out their Facebook page: The Silhouette Spa to know more about the services that they offer.

I’ll try out The Silhouette Spa soon and I’ll update this blog post to include my experience.


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