Witness: Ronda Pilipinas 2014 Int’l. – Stage 14 at Marikina City

Kalongkong Hiker

I relive the time when Marlboro Tour is still a hot commodity back in the days for cyclists and bikers alike when I see the professional cyclists battle it out for a circuit race yesterday February 16, 2014 in Marikina City for their 14th and final stage of Ronda Pilipinas 2014 International where my half day is worth spent because I never did I just enjoyed, cheered and get excited I also met and greet some racing legends like Querimit and Oconer.

DSC07037The guy is brown is Sir Marlon of AFP, I accidentally met him when I am going all out to catch up for the gun start of Ronda Pilipinas 2014 Stage 14 Circuit Race here in Marikina City. I overtook him along C5 – SM Marikina area and greeted me if I am going to watch ronda because he don’t know the way to the venue and so…

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