High risk areas for dengue cases in Marikina

Some places here in Marikina have a HIGH RISK of having dengue cases.

mostquitos marikinaThis is according to a health hazard map at Project NOAH (http://www.noah.dost.gov.ph/) .The Map shows the Ovitrap Index results which  indicates the extensiveness of the distribution of mosquitoes in that particular area surveyed.

ovitrap index philippines

White Baloon – Warning – Indicates a 1-20 mosquito index; very few mosquito population

Actions to be taken:
– continue information, education, communication (IEC) campaign on prevention and control; continue clean-up activities;
– continue monthly entomological survey by local health authorities

Red Balloon – Alert! – Indicates dense mosquito population; high probability of dengue cases

Actions to be taken:

– intensify IEC campaign on prevention and control;
– mobilize residents of affected barangay and start clean-up campaign with the help of the Dengue Brigade;
– continue monthly entomological survey by health authorities; improve environmental sanitation;
– start community vigilance; search for more areas with HI of > 5% and BI is > 20%;
– apply larvicides

In Marikina, the following areas have been tagged with a RED Balloon which means, there’s a thick concentration of mosquito in these areas:

  • SSS Village Elementary School: Ovitrap Index: 33.75 (As of: 2014-01-30)
  • Sta. Elena High School: Ovitrap Index: 40.24  (As of: 2014-02-04)
  • Sto. Nino Elementary School: Ovitrap Index: 22.73 (As of: 2014-02-04)
  • Leodegario Victorino Elementary School: Ovitrap Index: 33.33 (As of: 2014-01-29)
  • Kalumpang National High School: Ovitrap Index: 27.27 (As of: 2014-02-05)
  • Industrial Valley Elementary School: Ovitrap Index: 26.47 (As of: 2014-02-04)

Meanwhile, Ovitrap Index results for Barangka Elementary School , Concepcion Integrated School – High School, and Fortune High School showed very few mosquito population.

Please inform your Barangay and School officials that they need to ACT NOW to PREVENT possible DENGUE cases in those areas.

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