Marikina Food: Yohel’s Bagnet Station

Dito sa Marikina, pag Bagnet ang hanap mo, isa lang ang kailangan mo puntahan… Yohel’s Bagnet Station!

Yohel's Bagnet Station

Yohel’s Bagnet Station

They offer different kinds of Bagnet dishes at an amazingly affordable price.

Bicol Express Baget (Php 115) – good for 5 persons. Yung sarsa palang ulam na.. eh di lalo na nung sinamahan pa ng Bagnet…

Bicol Express Baget @ Yohel's Bagnet Station

Bicol Express Baget @ Yohel’s Bagnet Station

Sinigang Bagnet (Php 250.00) good for 3-4 persons. It’s your lutong bahay na sinigang na mas pinasarap ng Bagnet!

Sinigang Bagnet @ Yohel's Bagnet Station

Sinigang Bagnet @ Yohel’s Bagnet Station

Kare-kare Bagnet (Php 230.00) good for 5 persons. This one is my favorite (and sabi nila best seller daw talaga ito). I like how the kare-kare sauce blended with the bagnet. Tapos may tuwalya pa rin.

Kare-kare Bagnet @ Yohel's Bagnet Station

Kare-kare Bagnet @ Yohel’s Bagnet Station

Binagoongang Bagnet (Php 190.00) good for 4-5 persons. the base is inihaw na talong with bagoong and Bagnet on top. You’ll love this dish!

Binagoongang Bagnet @ Yohel's Bagnet Station

Binagoongang Bagnet @ Yohel’s Bagnet Station

Pinakbet Bagnet (Php 150.00) good for 5 persons.

Pinakbet Bagnet @ Yohel's Bagnet Station

Pinakbet Bagnet @ Yohel’s Bagnet Station

They have other dishes like Dinuguang Bagnet, Sisig Bagnet, Pancit Canton with Bagnet, Paksiw Bagnet, Bagnet curry, and they have side dishes and deserts.

@ Yohel's Bagnet Station

@ Yohel’s Bagnet Station

Deserts @ Yohel's Bagnet Station

Deserts @ Yohel’s Bagnet Station

Pero hindi lang nama puro bagnet ang meron sa Yohel’s Bagnet station. They also have seafood dishes like Sinigang na hipon or Sinigang na Ulo ng Salmon, Kilawin Tanigue, and Tilapia with Garlic Butter.

A plus for their resto is the great customer service from their staff.

Yohel’s Bagnet Station is located at #59-A, Katipunan St., Brgy. Concepcion Uno, Marikina City. It is in front of SDS Medical Center / Near Quiza Cafe and Marikina Hotel. Click here for the map. They’ll be opening a branch in Makati soon!


To go here:

  • Take a Jeepney or FX going to SSS Village.
  • Disembark at the corner of Katipunan St. and Rainbow St.
  • Either walk (some meters) or ride a Tricycle going to Yohel’s (dont text while walking)
  • Alternatively, you can take a Tricycle from Bayan or Concepcion or Baytree and ask them to bring you to SDS Medical Center (along Katipunan St.)


  1. The prices stated are as of posting time and may change over time.
  2. The number of servings per order are based on small serving sizes. pag malakas kumain ang kakain.. divide it by 2. Pag super matakaw… then each order is good for one person only!

One thought on “Marikina Food: Yohel’s Bagnet Station

  1. magakano pa deliver ng pinakbet at kare-kare? we are infront of LRT santolan station marcos hi-way. thanks pls tex back to 09174311968. thanks

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