Marikina Events: Walk with a Cause

Last April 2012, Daniel Kitz Bugayong was left half paralyzed due to Brain Aneurysm. Now, he has recovered and has set out a campaign to encourage Persons With Disability (stroke victims or those with other related injuries) to recover from their current situation.

Daniel Kitz BugayongHe writes in his Facebook account:

Three things that I consider for my swift recovery: Faith with the Lord, Strong Determination, and the Love of my Family and Friends. I learned a lot of lessons after what happened to me, and now, I’m ready to face the challenges of 2014.

In connection with that, part of my physical therapy is walking thrice a week in our Marikina Sports Center. I find the place relaxing, gives me positive outlook, and removes my stress, which helps me with my fast recovery

His “Walk With A Cause” campaign happens every Saturdays starting 7:00am at the Marikina Sports Center.

walk with a cause

Vice Mayor Dr. Cadiz supports Walk with a Cause

Kudos to you Daniel Kitz Bugayong! Suportahan po natin siya!

Photos taken from his Facebook account.


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