Marikina Law: Regulating the use of Plastic and Styro

“Bawal ang plastic sa Marikina”… wait…this is not entirely true.

bawal palstic marikina by gmanews

The use of plastic here in Marikina is not really banned. It’s just regulated. This is according to Ordinance 18 S.2012 “Regulating the use of Plastic Packaging/bags on wet goods and banning the use of plastic Packaging on dry goods” which became into local law on May 02, 2012.

Business establishment are prohibited to sell or use plastic bags (whether biodegradable or not) as packaging material for dry goods (textiles, clothes, shoes, etc.) and as secondary packaging on wet goods. Exception shall be given to those selling Rice, grains, feeds, salt, sugar, and flour. Meaning, you can repack these goods into plastic bags/containers.

Meanwhile, everyone (individuals or businesses, residents or guests) who is inside marikina, is prohibited from:

  • using Styro products as food or product containers whether for personal or commercial use – As defined in the ordinance,  styro products are those made from polysterene such as cups and containers.
  • Placing dry goods in a plastic bag/container – even if the bag/container was brought by the consumer (except for those exempted above);
  • using plastic for selling of repacked goods – this means wala na dapat tingi na oil (yung tig piso)  at ang hotdog sa palengke dapat nasa paperbag na!

The above ordinance repealed the first Ordinance on the use of plastig bags here in the City – Ordinance ___ “Ban on the use of Non-Biodegradable Plastic Bags” which was approved in June 29, 2010.

You can download a copy of the ordinance here.


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