New year smog most hazardous in Marikina

The Manila Observatory has released a report of air quality measurements here in Metro Manila during 2013-2014 New Year celebration and according to their monitoring stations, Marikina had the most hazardous air quality.

marikina city pyromusical 2013 (14)

view of marikina on new year 2014

View of Mairkina on new year 2014 – from Manila Observatory

According to the report:

Marikina City, Antipolo City, and Pasig City have been in the hazardous range (>251 mg/m3) of the USEPA Air Quality Index, 42% of the time.

the highest measurements through the years were from Nangka in Marikina City (366 mg/m3), which is located in a valley that traps the pollutants naturally, and where 67% of the time the New Year air was hazardous.

average new year smogPM2.5 was also very high in Barangka, Marikina City (294 mg/m3) and in Oro Vista Royale near Marcos Hi-way Antipolo City (257 mg/m3), where the air was hazardous most of the time, and then very unhealthy otherwise. Lowest PM2.5 was measured in Las Pinas and Bulacan, away from the Metro Manila center, though the levels were still in the unhealthy range. In all the sites the air was at the very
least unhealthy, and there have been no New Years since 2003 where the air quality was good or moderate.

The Manila Observatory has been monitoring Metro Manila’s Air Quality from New Year of 2003 up to 2014 from seven sampling sites. More than ten years of monitoring PM2.5 around Metro Manila shows no significant improvement in the New Year air quality.

A complete copy of the report can be downloaded on the Marikina Observatory website.


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