Mini-Hydro power plants soon in Marikina

Marikina will soon be home to mini-hydro power plants. This as the Department of Energy gave the go signal for Hydrotec Renewables Inc to build the plants along the Marikina River.

marikina river ilogThere will be 2 plants in Marikina, One in Barangay Nangka (Nangka 4 River) with a capacity of 1.8 MW and one in Tumana (Marikina 4 River) with a capacity of 2.59 MW. There will also be more mini-hydro plants along the Marikina River but will be situated in San Mateo and Montalban.

Aside from being able to provide additional “clean energy” to the grid, the communities in these areas will also benefit from these projects. They will have discounted (to free) electricity and there will be several community and livelihood projects.

The company said they will install a real-time weather forecasting system at each power plant. This will compliment the existing river monitoring system that is currently installed in Marikina.

Plus having a mini-hydro plant along the Marikina River means that it will lessen (if not eliminate) the garbage coming from San Mateo and Montalban.

Furthermore, and this is the best part, according to Hydrotec, “The design of our hydros will reduce flood events along Marikina River, Metro Manila and Laguna de Bay and save billions of pesos of costs which had to be spent yearly by the provincial and national government for any consequences resulting out of floods.”

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