Fireworks injury prone Barangays in Marikina

The Department of Health has released a list of “most dangerous Cities and Barangays” due to fireworks related injuries from 2010 up to 2012.

Poster Paputok 2aMarikina City is 5th on the list of cities here in Metro Manila according to Dr. Eric Tayag. The ranking was based on the “number of most dangerous barangays for fireworks injuries and number of Fireworks injuries in these barangays”

cities with high fw incidents

He also listed the the top 4 barangays in Marikina with the most number of Fireworks related injuries:

marikina most dangerous barangays

  1. Malanday
  2. Concepcion Uno
  3. Parang
  4. Sto. Niño

This year, Marikina City will try to mitigate the growing number of injuries due to fireworks by designating fireworks zones in every Barangay. I’m still looking for a copy of this ordinance.

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