Marikina year-end Fireworks shows

UPDATE: Photos of Marikina Riverbanks Fireworks display photos here  and Marikina City Pyromusical Show (at Sports Center) photos here.


Catch not one, but not two, but THREE fireworks shows here in Marikina!

P1250022Marikina offers three venues where you can watch amazing fireworks shows for FREE:

December 29, 2013

  • SM City Marikina open parking @ 8:00 PM

December 30, 2013

  • Venue 1: “Fireworks display” Marikina Riverbanks Center (by Riverbanks Center Management) @ 9:00 PM

Riverbanks Fireworks display photos here.

  • Venue 2: “Pyromuscial Show” Marikina Sports Center (by Marikina City Government) @ 9:00 PM

Markina City Pyromusical/Fireworks display photos here.

The fireworks shows on December 30, 2013 will come after the concerts at each location.

Where will you be watching?


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