In Marikina: Simbang Gabi Schedules

Here are the Schedules of Simbang Gabi for some churches here in Marikina.

our lady of the abandoned de 2013Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church Simabng gabi Schedule:

olap simbang gabi 2013

Photo from OLA Parish Church Facebook Page

Immaculate Conception Parish, Concepcion Marikina Simabng gabi Schedule:

(1) December 15 – 23 / 8:00-900pm and 9:00-10:00pm
(2) December 16 – 24 / 3:30-4:30am and 4:30-5:30am

St. Paul of the Cross Parish, SSS, Concepcion Dos, Marikina Simabng gabi Schedule:

Anticipated: December 15-23, 8:30PM
Dawn Masses: December 16-24, 4AM

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Chapel (RANCHO 2) Simabng gabi Schedule: 8PM

Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel (RANCHO 3) Simabng gabi Schedule: 9:30PM


More schedules to be posted soon.

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