Marikina Heritage Food Tour

All Over Marikina, the premier site for the best food places here in the City, recently organized a “Marikina Heritage Food Tour” with some Marikenyos.

marikina heritage food tour

Photo from All Over Marikina

Inside Marikina was part of this first batch of “Food Tourists”. The theme was “Heritage Food”. Our stops were old food places in the City… “those who started it all”.

  • Macky’s. famous for their Goto.
  • Mang Frederick’s Barbecue Php 10.00  barbecue… Mura na, Masarap pa!
  • Mama Chit’s – has the best burger in Marikina
  • Aling Remy’s – home of the original Kakanin in Marikina – masarap na Puto at kuchinta!

These are tried and tested great food places in Marikina. Kahit matagal na sila, binabalik-balikan pa rin ng mga tao.

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