In Marikina: TV Patrol Balitandaan

In celebration of their 25 years in broadcast, the longest running news program on Philippine TV, TV Patrol, placed a “balitandaan” (coined word from news+marking) in notable areas, one of which is here in Marikina.

P1370786This Balitandaan was inaugurated last March 28, 2012.

TV Patrol Balitandaan marikina

TV Patrol Balitaandaan taken during the inauguration. From TV Patrol Facebook page.

This is now how the TV Patrol Balitandaan looks like as of posting time.


It needs some refurbishing.  the colors have already faded and I can’t see the QR code anymore (which will bring you to a website of TV Ptrol)

You can see the TV Patrol Balitandaan at the Marikina River Park Palaruang Batang Lambak at Sta. Elena, Marikina City.


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