Marikina Riverbanks Mall

The Marikina Riverbanks Mall is is the haven for outlet stores for known brands.

PhotoGrid_1383463512753Before SM Marikina was built, Riverbanks Mall was “THE” Mall here in Marikina. Now, people still go to the mall for super affordable finds. You have shoes, branded clothes, food, gadgets, toys, gift items, bags, etc.

The Mall has 4 lanes: Palm Lane, Lotus Lane, Atrium Lane, Ivy Lane, and Fern Lane.


Palm Lane. Here you’ll find most of the outlet shops/stores of branded clothes and shoes:

  • Guess outlet store
  • Mossimo Outlet store
  • Puma Outlet Store
  • World Balance Outlet store
  • Nike outlet store
  • Adidas outlet store
  • BNY outlet store
  • Folded & Hung outlet store
  • Bench
  • Sandugo
  • Reva

Other stores and shops include:

You’ll also find at the far end of Palm Lane the shoe Gallery where you can find high quality Marikina made shoes. This is where you can also find the Biggest pair of shoes in the world.

Lotus Lane

  • Furniture shops
  • Accredited Airline Ticketing offices
  • other shops

Cellphone Zone

Between the Lotus Lane and Atrium is Riverbank Mall’s version of  Cyberzone where you’ll find tech stuff – mostly mobile phones and tablets.

cellphone zone

Ivy lane is for Entertainment. You’ll find here kids stuff. At the intersection of Ivy Lane and Fern Lane is where activities and events are usually held.

ivy lane

Fern Lane.

  • CDR King
  • Handyman
  • SOS
  • Riverbanks Mal lFood Court
  • Small specialty shops
  • Electronics Shops: Rhine Electronics,
  • ATM machines

On one end of the Fern Lane is Save More and on the other end is Off Price store.

off price store

There’s also Fashion Gallery section of the mall which has small boutiques that sells clothes and shoes. Some offers “Class A” alternatives to branded bags, clothes, and shoes.

There are other stores and shops which I did not mention in this post. So better if you check out Marikina Riverbanks Mall.

During Typhoon Ondoy, the Riverbanks Mall was badly hit and it took them a month to re-open. Today, even if there’s already an SM Marikina, a lot of people (Marikenyos and those from neighboring towns and cities) still flock the Marikina Riverbanks Mall for its super low affordable prizes.

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