Marikina Sports Park

Marikina Sports Park, also called Marikina Sports Center.

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Formerly known as “Rodriguez Sports Center”, it was inaugurated in 1969 in time for that year’s “interscholastic meet”.

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from Marikina Sports Center Facebook page

In 1995, the Marikina Government bought the sports center from the provincial government of Rizal and renamed it to “Marikina Sports Park”.

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The Marikina Sports Park has an olympic-size oval and swimming pool. It also has areas for biking, boxing, tennis, table tennis, soccer, football, long jump, taekwondo, and aerobics. The grandstand can accommodate 15,000 people.

Below is an Aerial view of the Marikina Sports Center.

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From Marikina Sports Center Facebook Page

The Marikina Sports park has also been the venue for big events such as 23rd South East Asian games, Star Struck, ABS-CBN 60 years celebration, and many more.

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The Marikina city government also erected the Marikina City Sports building which houses some indoor games and events.

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The Marikina sports Center is open daily from 6AM (or earlier) up to 12AM. Entrance fee is just Php 10.00 (as of posting time). The use of swimming pool and sports building requires additional fees. There are both paid and FREE parking around the sports park.

You can contact the Marikina Sports Park admin office at  (02) 646-1635 / or the booking office – (02) 682-9573 | marikinasportscenter at | Marikina Sports Center Facebook Page.


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