CHI Foot Spa (massage) in Marikina

I found a good massage place in Marikina, CHI Foots spa.

chi foot spa

Although their name says “Foot spa” they do not really clean your feet like those in regular foot spas. Also they have whole body massage as well.

I’ve already tried this three times now and it is the closest that I can get of a real foot reflexology service.

CHI foot spa (2)

if you get their foot spa, they’ll dip you feet on a tub which they say has healing ointments. Then you’ll also get a quick 15 minute arms, back, and head massage.

CHI foot spa (1)

Chi (Healing) Foot Spa (Massage) is located at 2nd floor WRC Building, No. 47 Gil Fernando Ave., San Roque, Marikina City. It’s the building with Union Bank and Sterling Bank.

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