UPDATED: Carnival Rides at RiverBanks Marikina

I saw some Carnival Rides sa Marikina Riverbanks being put up.

riverbanks carnival A (13)_wmThey are not yet operational as of posting time. Sabi ng mga gumagawa they might open this weekend (last weekend of October 2013).

All rides are now operational.

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Kids will surely want to ride this one… where the coaches looks like Jollibee. I wonder what’s the name of this ride. It’s called “Super Bee

riverbanks carnival A (3)_wm

carnival marikina (8)

carnival marikina (7)

A ride that caught my interest is this Vortex.

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How it works: You’ll ride the closed train. Then you’ll go inside the tube, up to the top, then circle your way down then back where you started! Looks like a cool and exciting ride! Before they opened, each ticket costs Php 50.00. But now, Pho 40.00 nalang. All other rides Php 30.00 lang.

riverbanks carnival A (6)_wm

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7 thoughts on “UPDATED: Carnival Rides at RiverBanks Marikina

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