Patio del Zapatero in Marikina

If you are looking for a place where you can find almost all Marikina made shoes, then head over to Patio del Zapatero.

patio del zapatero

20130929_101747 (Medium)

20130929_103204 (Medium)

They have all kinds of shoes from babies to grandparents. The prices depends on the material that was used. You’ll find more shoes being sold outside the main store.

20130929_103952 (Medium)

20130929_102954 (Medium)

At night, the giant shoe on the roof lights up  to reveal a COD-like display.

20131007_192100 (Medium)

Patio del Zapatero is located along J.P. Rizal Street near Our Lady of the Abandoned church (OLA)  and Otto Main office.


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