Marikna Events: “God of the Machine” play

Shaharazade Theater Company will open its first play in Marikina City. The play is entitled God of the Machine written by Jay Crisostomo IV  who is from Marikina City. It has garnered the first prize for the English Full-Length Play category in the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in 2010.


I had the chance to take a sneak peak of the play last weekend. Disclosure: I am someone who does not watch plays that much. Yes I have watched some  but I think most plays are boring. Well, maybe its just like the movies, bad script and/or bad actors =  lousy movie. But I must say that I find God of the Machines amusing. I was all eyes on the actors, and I was really “processing” the script in my mind.

God of the machines writer

Writer and Director Jay Crisostomo IV

The actors were great! AJ Constantino, who plays “the writer”, was so effective in “telling the story”.

20130921_202828 (Medium)

The lovely Meyanne Plamenio who plays Gomorrah acted and sang beautifully. I’m sure you’ll also enjoy watching the Waitress (sorry I don’t know her name) as much as I did.

God of the machines cast

The cast of God of the Machine

God of the Machine will be staged in Dito:Bahay ng Sining, from September 28, 2013 to October 6, 2013. Tickets are sold for only Php250.00 and you can get them from Ms. Eloise S. Omolida 09228254718 | 09178877154.


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