Marikina Riverland Express… Choo! choo!

One of the tourist attractions here in Marikina City is the vintage Riverland Express Train.

marikina riverland express 2009

This Train is believed to have been used during Pre-world war 2 era and was traversing the “Marikina Line”.


The Marikina Line started from Rosario (presently in Pasig and along an area still called Tramo) to Montalban via Marikina (where there is still a Daang Bakal) and San Mateo for a total of 31 km. Completed in 1907 (until Marikina in 1906), the entire line was abandoned in 1936. Source

Riverland Express

This Vintage Train in Marikina is also a good background for photo shoots, Pre-Nups, Music Videos, and the likes.

The Marikina Riverland Express is located at the Riverbanks Area.


2 thoughts on “Marikina Riverland Express… Choo! choo!

  1. Hello! I love your article. I also come from Marikina. I totally agree with you that this train used to traverse the railways across the Rizal province. If you are familiar with the fountains and the bells, that used to form part of the railway. That is the reason why we have a street called “daang bakal”. Too bad, we were not able to preserve some of our historical landmarks.

  2. The locomotive display there was not the one that traversed the Rosario-Montalban Line but came from a sugar company in Pampanga, the loco was displayed to remind that there also a railroad in Marikina way before LRT 2.

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