Marikina readies for another Ondoy

I could still remember the day when typhoon Ondoy made everyone in Marikina felt its wrath. Good thing Marikina learned its lesson and as early as now, is making preparations for another “Ondoy”.

The City Government of Marikina are making sure that esteros are clean from trash.


Picture source

Plus, the Filipino-Australian Movement for Empowerment (FAME), Inc. recently donated ten Canada-made rubber boats to the city government of Marikina.

Also, I’ve seen three small boats or “bangka” in one fire station along Bayan Bayanan avenue. I think this is to be able to immediately respond to flooded areas.

Can the government build a flood tunnel under Marikina? Will that help? Who has any ideas? Who knows, they might be useful.


2 thoughts on “Marikina readies for another Ondoy

  1. fLOoDING Aand other disasters may, in marikina city cannot and never be solve by the government alone. The Government should participate people, let the peoples organized themselves the create strong peoples participation in the Development Plan… In the peoples initiative, people should organized City Development Councils.

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