Kalan ng Bayan in Marikina

I wasn’t surprised when I saw in the news that there’s an area in Marikina City where methane gas were seeping. Why, coz there are areas in the city that were garbage dumps previously, but are now open fields and some are now being developed as subdivisions.

610x Pic from source

Good thing authorities have now closed down the “Kalan ng Bayan” at Nangka Village. But I suggest they find a good use for the gas.

You see, in some countries, they use methane gas to provide energy(electricity) or, like what the residents in Nangka are doing, using it for cooking.

landfilldone Pic from source

Though it is a health hazard, proper use and management of methane will surely help everyone. It just needs to be controlled and put to good use.

As for the residents of Nangka Village near the landfill, I hope you head the government’s advice.. It’s for your own good.


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