ID system to be implemented in Marikina

Marikina City residents will soon have their own ID as the Marikina City Government is preparing to implement an individual ID system.

Not much details as of now. But I think It will somewhat be like the Marikina Taxpayer’s ID and Marikina Health passport. And hopefully it will be like that where residents get discounts at several establishments within the city.

But my naughty brain tells me that this will be used during the upcoming elections. Lets see.


2 thoughts on “ID system to be implemented in Marikina

  1. With the new house numbering in Marikina City now in place, I think individual ID will be complimentary. The ID maybe prepared electronically with individual personal data will be useful. To me , this can even replace the communty/ residence tax which can be secured without question. Thanks, Lindo

  2. if it is anything like the mcf card, i just hope the establishments and local govt offices are fully briefed as to discounts and other privileges.

    i just hope someone would block it if the purpose is merely to conduct a dry run of the national id system. another thing is that let’s hope this is a well thought-out project quite unlike the new numbering system which included single numbers for half-lots or a single number for multiple lots. i doubt if those who made the assignment consulted with the registry (since “volunteers” went house to house to ask who the owners are) nor with the area’s zoning regulations (so they can determine which are full lots, integrated lots and subdivided lots).

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