Relief goods waiting to be distributed

Saw a post over at OffBeat Mail that there are still relief goods that has not yet been distributed in Marikina.

My sources in Metro Manila had informed me that a big building at the back of the Marikina City Hall are still bursting with relief goods. This can be seen from outside by any passers-by as the facade of the building is covered by glass panels. And the funny thing is that how come these relief goods have not been distributed to the flood victims?

I immediately sent a message to my friends working at Marikina City Hall and my brother to pass by the area to see if there’s any truth to this.

They said that its true that there are still relief goods in one area at the Marikina Sports Center. Mostly clothes and there are still some canned goods. The news is that these goods will be given to those affected by the recent typhoons in the north.

Good thing because I don’t think that we can give all of this relief goods at once or  simultaneously here in Marikina along with other the activities of other groups to provide assistance in kind to those affected by Typhoon Ondoy.

I’m sure ABS-CBN’s sagip kapamilya also have lots of items stored in their warehouses.

If the goods wont be used now, I say all the goods should be properly accounted – a listing of all goods in stock. These items should be stacked in a high place for future use. So that the city government will be able to respond faster. Plus the fact that it is stored somewhere where people can see it means that the city government of Marikina does not intend to hide it to the public and do something bad with it.

I don’t think this will be used for the elections as people would most likely want money than used clothes. And I also think that city hall employees won’t be stealing any of the goods (take note that most of them are also victims). Proper inventory and control systems will prevent this from being used for the wrong purpose.

Another suggestion would be to give them to an NGO for safekeeping.

By the way, until now, our family has not yet received any relief goods from the City Government of Marikina or any NGO. If there’s an oversupply of goods, maybe you can start giving us some now.


3 thoughts on “Relief goods waiting to be distributed


    these are the relief that are held indefinitely at the marikina sports building. marami na mga marikenyo ang nagrereklamo na di sila nabibigyan ng goods. kelan ba daw ito maipapamahagi sa iba??
    well I hope they are not repacking the goods with the BF plastic to be used for their own interest. Malapit na kaya election.

  2. Hello people. Magising natayo kung puede lang. Ang tatalino natin sa Marikina pero nagbubulag bulagan pa tayo. How disappointing how people are chosing to be blind.

    Yang mga relief na yan, ayaw ibigay dahil kailangan muna nilang i-repack with MCF and BF stickers. Until then, strict ang instructions na huwag distribute. Nakikisawsaw pa mga konsehal na gusto tumakbo for higher positions na idaan sa kanila ang relief. BUt in the meantime na hindi nila ma repack ito because kakaunti lang ang tao nila, nabubulok na ang mga relief goods. At nagugutom ang tao. Puro pulitika, puro pa pogi. Kakasuka. Sorry. Tapusin na dapat ang ganyang klaseng mga namumuno. Service muna bago pulitika please lang.

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