Rebuilding Marikina: Riverbanks Mall reopens on October 31

Another establishment that was hardly hit by Typhoon Ondoy and submerged in Floodwaters was the Riverbanks Mall part of the many establishments within the Riverbanks Center.

Copy of 1020200912201 (Small)

Though there were not much to see inside but damaged stalls, ceilings and floors, they are letting people inside the mall. More pictures after the break.

Here’s a look from outside of the Mall…

1019200912178 (Small) 1019200912182 (Small) 1020200912202 (Small) 1020200912203 (Small)

1020200912231 (Small)

Here are some scenes from the inside. Most establishments are empty, if not filled with trash of submerged merchandises.

1020200912217 (Small) 1020200912221 (Small) 1020200912222 (Small) 1020200912223 (Small) 1020200912224 (Small) 

While some stall owners are still trying to sell whatever they have saved or retrieved…

1020200912225 (Small) 

I took these pictures last October 20, 2009. I hope by October 31, the published date of their re-opening, Riverbanks Mall will be back to its normal operations.


4 thoughts on “Rebuilding Marikina: Riverbanks Mall reopens on October 31

  1. Hi, Do you have any idea if the stores in Riverbanks have already resumed operations? Especially yung mga outlets like Guess, etc?
    Thanks =)

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