3 weeks after Ondoy

More than 3 weeks after Typhoon Ondoy’s visit… I came back here in Marikina City.

1019200912171 (Small)As I approached the city, I could still see the pile of garbage dumped on the sidewalk. The banks of the Marikina River was still “defaced” as you won’t see the beautiful landscape which was a product of months or even years of work.

Trees have been uprooted, the grass has been replaced with plastics.

I passed by Provident Village, one of the hardly hit areas. Looked normal on the outside, but you can still see mud and piles of garbage inside starting from the entrance.

1019200912186 (Small)

Some establishments are still closed. Still picking up the pieces left by Ondoy.

1019200912196 (Small)

Even in our neighborhood, there are still uncollected ondoy garbage. And as I alighted from the cab, the smell of flood water was still in the air, specially inside our house where I saw some of our stuff still on top of cabinets and other high areas. My mom said they were preparing for Typhoon Ramil (Typhoon Lupit).

Will be going around the City to see more of how my kababayans here in Marikina is doing and also see how they are rebuilding their home and lives after Ondoy.


4 thoughts on “3 weeks after Ondoy

  1. marikina is so dear to me. it’s only been almost 5 months when i left marikina for canada.

    is this the mc donald’s located in front of marikina sportspark?

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