Going back to Marikina

Will be going back to Marikina City today and will be there for 5 days. I’ll be attending a two day convention in Manila. Will roam around the City and neighboring areas. Will also try to re-live the experience and go to the places that I passed by when I walked from LRT 2 Santolan Station going home in that fateful Sunday midmorning after the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy.

god our savior

I’ll try to see what help I can give even though me and my family were also victims which, until today, have not yet seen any help from the government of from NGOs. Though I admit that there are more people needing much attention than us, as we have slowly recovered – but not fully – from the events.

Some of my friends in Marikina have also recovered from the devastation while some are still coping up. I have a friend who live just some meters away from the banks of the Marikina River, and their house is now ok. That’s because they have an elevated 1st floor and their house has a 3rd floor. But still, floodwaters consumed most of the lower floor.

However, I read from several blogs, social media, and even the news that there are still places in Marikina that have not yet fully recovered from the devastating floods. Like my other friend, Mel of Marikenya.com. They live in Barangay Tumana, one of the worst hit places here in Marikina. She blogged that their community is still trying to get up from the muddy experience. They lost most of their stuff. Good thing they still have their house and clothes. But they still need help. And so to anyone who would like to extend any help, kindly contact here via her email address : marikenya at yahoo.com.

If you can, Please help. Big or small, it will matter and will have a huge impact on the lives of those affected.


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