Flood wastes and debris dumped into Nangka River

Greenpeace exposed the illegal dumping of flood garbage and debris at the Nangka River in Marikina City. Trucks dump silt and garbage onto the riverbank, and then bulldozers and pay loaders push them into the water.

Volunteers from Greenpeace Water Patrol, Ecowaste Coalition and Buklod Tao Kalikasan protest the illegal dumping of garbage and flood debris  along the banks of Nangka River by the Marikina government and the Metro Manila Development Authority.  The groups installed a banner right on the mound of wastes on the Marikina side saying “Protect our River, Stop Dumping”. Another banner that says “Ang Basurang itinapon niyo, Babalik sa inyo” was also placed above the banks that have started eroding in a matter of days on the San Mateo side because of the impeded waterflow.  © Gigie Cruz / Greenpeace

The group reports that “the mud-filled disaster debris has already choked around 80 percent of the river channel and the residents of San Mateo on the opposite bank are fearful because the impeded water flow has already started soil erosion on their side in just a matter of days. The waters have also turned very murky and the stench in the area is becoming unbearable.”


MMDA denies allegations

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) denied on Tuesday that flood wastes and other debris are being illegally dumped in the Marikina River after environmental groups said they caught MMDA trucks dumping silt and garbage left by tropical storm “Ondoy” into the river.

More here.


One thought on “Flood wastes and debris dumped into Nangka River

  1. i used to be here when i was still studying in psba-qc during assignments, projects.. with my other classmates. i also have plenty of friends form psba-qc who are residing in the affected areas. … but always remember that at the end of the tunnel is a train lolz 😀 just kidding its sunshine!!!! rejoice! we are alive!!

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