Thanks sa pagsagip mga Kapamilya

Two weeks after the rampage of Typhoon Ondoy (Typhoon Ketsana), my family has mostly recovered from the trauma and the trouble that it poured on us. We’re still changing our electrical system. A complete overhaul.

I’ve already said THANK YOU to those who came to our aid during the first few days after Ondoy came. But if I narrated my Ondoy ordeal, allow me also to detail here in my blog the people who helped us.

  • To our neighbor, Mr. and Mrs. Domingo who always allows us to use their home (with 2nd and 3rd floors) as an evacuation center during incidents like this. Thank You!
  • My Aunt MEG, who went to our house from Fairview even if the roads have not yet been cleared and even if it was hard to get a ride to Marikina. She also brought lunch for us. Thank You!
  • To my Aunt Linda and Uncle Noni who checked on us if we were ok and brought food. And other relatives who came to our house and brought relief, in cash, kind, and strength. Thank you!
  • To my relatives who texted and called to text on us. Thank you!
  • To my good friend Bryant who checked on my family. Thank you!

I was also in constant communication with my Wife who was in Bulacan.

And to all my friends and contacts, both online and offline, from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and even outside of the country.. Thank you!

Speaking of help… I saw on TV and heard over the radio when Ondoy was battering the metro and that ABS-CBN’s Sagip Kapamilya was one of the first to help typhoon victims most specially my fellow Marikenyos.


Even online, via Twitter, plurk and even Facebook, Sagip Kapamilya was all over. Like one of the messages written on the facebook page of Lopez Link, “As early as Sunday, Sept. 27, ABS-CBN started manning a telethon on behalf of Sagip Kapamilya (SK), ABS-CBN Foundation Inc.’s emergency humanitarian assistance program.”

I even read in some news articles (non Lopez owned news companies) that Sagip Kapamilya was better than the Government’s response. Well, its true, and you can see that for yourself.

THANK YOU to all Kapamilyas who joined hands to help their fellow pinoys!


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