Conception Uno Barangay Hall

I recently visited the Conception Uno Barangay Hall. I thought that it was still located along J.P Rizal Avenue.

0923200912068 (Small)

But they’ve already relocated and can now be found along Molave St. near the back of Immaculate Conception Parish.

Here’s a Map to make it easy for you to find where it is. ScreenShot013

If you’ll be bringing your own ride, take note of the one way streets so that you won’t have a problem with the authorities.


2 thoughts on “Conception Uno Barangay Hall

  1. I want to bring to your attention that fx transport bound to cubao refuse riders who are bound to concepcion. I was refused three times today jan 13 when three fx transport said they are not passing by the concepcion route. I’m getting a van in that area to bring me to ortigas.I was late in the office because of this and I think it wasn’t a coincidence that I was refused by three consecutive transport. I got in the third time but had an argument with the driver as I called his attention that I was going to report this incident. I hope you could do something about this problem. This happened in olive street at 8:45 am..

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