My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 6

Part 6: Here’s the last part of my account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Still Sunday, September 27, 2009

  • Around 5:15 AM: A passenger got off in front of Immaculate Conception Church. Then I heard a lady shouting “Para mama”. She and I presume her child, got on board. They were wet and were not wearing any slippers. She kept on saying “Binaha kami” and “walang natira samin”. She also added “magpapakawala daw sila ng tubig sa dam”.

typhoon ondoy

Pic from doctorcarlo

I got off at the stop light before reaching Conception Market. Mercury Drug was closed and looks empty. I found out the following day that it lost much of its products and medicines. I saw a bed in front of Conception Market. I don’t know from which part of town it came from.

The next thing that came into my mind was food. I looked for a bakery. I know there was a bakery in conception. I saw a long line of people who looked like flood victims, lining up at this bakery which I forgot the name. I told myself they need that more than my family. I walked around and found no other store open selling bread. So I rode a jeepney to Meralco where I knew there was a bakery and a 7-11 store.

Inside the jeepney were 3 families who were from Barangay Tumana. They looked scared. They were shivering. One had a baby and a 4 year old boy. Another was with an old lady, I think at her late 80’s. She smelled like she had pissed on her pants. But no one covered their nose.

I got off in Meralco. I first went to a bakery along the tricycle terminal. Nothing was left. Everything was sold out. Not even a single sachet of coffee. Next, I went to 7-11. No more bread, no cookies, no noodles. Also tried the Shell Select Store. Same thing. Good thing I was still able to buy Oreo cookies there.

I decided to got to Baytree on foot. I’m sure I’ll be able to buy some food there. Saw floodwater in front of OLOPSC. But the area was passable.

  • 5:30 AM: The first bakery I went to ran out of pandesal and bread. I saw Andoks lechon open but was not a priority. I knew we had rice so I didn’t think of buying. The second bakery had the same situation. Everything was sold out. But the owner said that they are sill baking Pandesal. And so I opted to wait. I ordered P100.00 worth of Pandesal.

At this point, I texted my Mom and brother and asked an update on the water level. They said it was now waist deep. I was happy to read that. It means I can now go home.

After getting my pandesal, I grabbed one and ate it. It was my first meal of the day and yeah, my post dinner as I haven’t eaten dinner. It never entered my mind to eat while I was walking along the flooded streets of Marikina.

I walked towards our home. I passed by houses with muddy sidewalks and garages.

After 15 minutes, I reached our street. But good thing it wasn’t waist deep as my mom said. It was just knee deep. I rushed towards home. I saw my brother’s multicab. Half of it was still submerged in water. Lots of stuff floating inside the house.

DSC00360 (Medium) 

I saw water dripping from all our beds. I asked my brother to bring out the air bed that I bought. He said it too was soaked. But its ok coz its made from a plastic-like material.

I grabbed another pandesal and looked for a clean drinking water. After 5 minutes, I got hold of a water hose and started removing dirt and mud from our rooms.

I survived Typhoon Ondoy. It’s now time to reclaim our home.


2 thoughts on “My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 6

  1. Thanks for sharing your Ondoy ordeal. My brothers & their families are in Goodrich Village so I could just imagine what my family went through based on your report. Glad to know you & your family are all ok.

  2. We thank God that after Ondoy, we have survived and have met families and friends again. After the heavy floods last saturday, flood waters in Marikina was gone while areas in Cainta, Pasig and Taytay still remain under water. Marikina has very well developed their all drainage systems.
    God bless your family always!

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