My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 5

Part 5: Here’s the continuation of my account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Still Sunday, September 27, 2009

  • Around 4:30 AM: On my way down the bridge, I noticed vehicles coming from J.P. Rizal Street. I saw someone hail a taxi. I heard them say Parang. The three passengers went inside the cab and it drove to the direction of J.P. Rizal St.


So I though, if the driver agreed to bring them to Parang, that means flood waters have already subsided not only in Parang, but also on the roads going there.

And so I walked again towards Sumulong highway. I checked the side streets and saw that its already passable. I turned left at E. Dela Paz (the other side, not the one where I came from). Turned right at V. Santos St. and Left at Shoe Avenue. Lots of vehicles were waiting along this street in front of the old Greendale supermarket.

I turned right at Guerilla St. At the end of this street was Mayor Gil Fernando Ave, its a short-cut going to our subdivision via Good Friend Bridge. However, above the knee floodwaters starting from 2nd street stopped me for a while. I’m not familiar with the area but I was 90% sure that there were no open manholes on the sidewalk (it had a slightly higher elevation  than the street). But I didn’t take any chances. I walked in the middle of the street.

As I near the intersection of Guerilla and G. Fernando Ave., I saw trucks and trailers stalled. At the middle, I felt the swift current going towards Marquinton and bluewave. I found out that flood waters in front of these establishments were waist high. And same was also true on the other side going towards the Marikina Engineering office and Vehicle impounding office.

“So near yet so far”. These words kept repeating in my head. I decided to wait for the flood to subside as I noticed it was seceding fast. I took an empty can of baby milk which I saw on the sidewalk and sat on it.

  • Around 5:00 AM: I got tired of sitting and waiting. I decided to take the “long cut” and go to Conception Market instead and that’s where I’ll wait until floodwaters in our street becomes knee deep.

I walked back towards Shoe Avenue but turned right at E. Rodriguez Ave. Its a one way street (going to Shoe Ave.) but became an instant two way street as the entrance to the other side street was still flooded. Jeepneys were already full of passengers. I had already passed Aquilina St. when a Jeepney passed by and the driver was shouting SSS. He stopped and hopped in.



I can’t go home yet as I knew our street is still flooded. I planned to wait it out in Conception Market and even pass by Barangay Tumana where I knew a lot of houses are soaked in high floodwaters and some swept away as seen on the news.

But what I saw in Conception changed my plans.


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