My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 3

Part 3: Here’s the continuation of my account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Still – Saturday, September 26, 2009

  • 9:20 PM: I arrived at LRT 2 Santolan Station.

    I saw a lot of people on top of the station’s platform. They were all looking at the side of Marcos Highway. I knew it was flooded.. But I didn’t expect flood waters to be waist high.

0926200912095 (Medium)

I took the above picture 4 hours after I arrived at the station. I was conserving the battery of my cellphone as it was running low.

It was still light pour of rain. I saw a lot of cars were parked at the upper parking of SM Marikina. There were vehicles along the road. But they were all submerged in flood water. No vehicle was able to pass along Marcos Bridge as flood waters have already occupied it. Plus, the raging river water pose a big risk to motorists.

I couldn’t imagine how high flood waters could be in Barangka, Riverbanks, and along A. Bonifacio St. in Marikina.

I looked for a place to rest. I planned to stay there until flood waters subsides.

I was surprised that LRT 2 was still operational. And they were letting people use the station as a sort of evacuation area. Every now and then I will hear a train come and go. Later I learned that the Railways was directed to be in full operation to help stranded passengers and help in the relief efforts.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

  • 1:00 AM: An ambulance, Fire truck, and rescue units arrived in the area. But not to rescue us. I think they were trying to go to Ligaya or Sta Lucia Mall. But with the now just knee deep flood waters, they were also stalled and they just used a rubber boat.
  • 2:30 AM: I woke up and hear engines running. I looked out and saw that there are now vehicles on the street. But canals are still filled with flood waters. I also saw a lot of people walking to the direction of Ligaya. It only shows that the road is now passable. So I decided to join them. As I went down the LRT 2 Santolan platform, I saw more people sleeping along the stairs while some were lying down on the 1st floor of the station. It really became an evacuation area. BIG Thank you to LRT 2 Station.

On my way out of the station I  saw some food stalls inside the station that were still open.

The muddy and slippery side street greeted me. I decided to go to the other side of the street as it seems more people are walking on that side. I crossed the LRT foot bridge. There I saw a lot of people looking at the flooded highway and the pile of vehicles.


On my way down I was thinking what to do. But my feet kept on walking. The streets were still flooded but was now passable to vehicles. Good thing it wasn’t raining anymore.

Flood waters were above knee high in front of Mariposa Lodge/motel. A lot of single motorcycle riders were walking and pushing their motorbikes. It was dark. I can see the Ligaya foot bridge but i can’t see if there were people on top. Nearing the foot bridge, I stopped for a while as the water level was getting higher as I move along. A lot of trucks were stalled in this area from 6 wheeled to 10 wheeled trailers.

I asked those coming from Ligaya (on their way to Santolan how high the water was from where they came from. They said it was the same level – above knee deep.

And so I took a deep breathe and started walking towards Ligaya foot bridge. As I near the bridge, I saw a lot of people on the stairs and on top some with their umbrellas open.  I slowly climbed up the bridge with some people helping me out by lighting my path with their flashlights.

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