My typhoon Ondoy ordeal 2

Part 2: Here’s the continuation of my account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Still – Saturday, September 26, 2009

  • 12:45 AM: On board LRT 2 to Santolan Station, I passed by Marikina River. But it surely didn’t look like a river… more of a SEA.

0926200912093 (Medium)

Take a look at that…  By this time, the flood water which has occupied the Marikina River is almost at the Marcos Bridge. With this sight, I decided to go back to Cubao as I know when the river is this high, it would take hours before the water subsides in our street.

0926200912091 (Medium)

  • Past 1:00 AM: I arrived at Gateway Cubao. I walked around the mall and so some establishments closing. I was getting hungry. I haven’t eaten lunch and so I searched for a place to eat. The gateway Mall food court was packed with people. So I decided to go to Jollibee instead. I tried to go back to farmers plaza, but the bridge connecting the two malls have been closed. So I just went across the street and had lunch at KFC shopwise. I ate 2 pieces KFC chicken, 2 rice, and macaroni soup. It was a heavy meal for I know I will be having an adventure later on in the day. I stayed inside KFC for about an hour.
  • 3:00 PM: I finished eating lunch. I thought of going to an Internet Cafe. Good thing there was one near. Netopia. I was listening to online news streams and reading news articles. For more of my Netopia experience, visit Migs Mobile Network.
  • 4:00 PM: Went out of Netopia. The skies were still dark But was only bringing light rains. Flood waters have already subsided in Cubao (in front of Telus Bldg.).

At this point, I was thinking of were to go. Home, in Meycauayan, in Fairview, or get a room somewhere.

  • Home – Streets are still flooded. My brother told me that flood waters were as high as our gates. He advised me not to go there.
  • Meyacauayan, Bulacan – My wife told me that flood waters have also entered their house. It was now knee deep.
  • Relatives in Fairview – High place. But the roads going there are flooded – Philcoa, tandang sora, Ever Gotesco mall, etc..
  • Get a room – this was the most likely thing to do at this point.

And so I searched for a nice cheap room to spend the night. First I checked Sogo Motel along EDSA. I didn’t had the guts to enter. I just went to a Mister Donut stall to think what to do. There I saw a WordCamp participant. He recognized me and introduced himself. He said he was also stranded and was thinking of getting a room at Sogo. We parted ways and I was left still thinking what to do.

  • 5:00 PM: I decided not to check-in at Sogo. My aunt was pressing me to go to their house in Fairview. So I went to the other side of EDSA to get a bus to Fairview. Funny, but it seemed that everyone was waiting for a Fairview bound bus.
  • 6:00 PM: I decided to wait for most of the passengers to get a ride. I waited in front of Goldilocks Farmer’s Plaza.
  • 7:30 PM: I saw that there were fewer people waiting at the Bus stop. So I stood up and said to my self “Its my turn”.
  • 8:30 PM: I was still waiting for a bus. There were only few buses passing by EDSA and all of them were either full of passengers or Super full!
  • 9:00: I decided to look for a room again. I went to NICE Hotel in Cubao. I saw a lot of people standing outside the entrance door. When I peeped inside, I saw a lot of people waiting to get a room. Another failed attempt. I texted my wife in Meycauayan, my aunt in Fairview, and my brother and mom in Marikina that I’ve decided to go home in Marikina instead.I walked towards Aurora Blvd again. I was hoping that the LRT would still be open for me to go to Santolan Station and walk from there to our house. I was relieved that they were still open. I asked the guard until what time will they be in operation and he said until 9:30. I made it.So I rode the LRT 2 from Cubao to Santolan station. Was tired and wet.

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