My Typhoon Ondoy ordeal

Here’s an account of my ordeal with Typhoon Ondoy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

  • 8:00 AM: I was in Meycauayan, Bulacan. It was the day of my flight back to Davao City so I had to go back home here in Marikina to get all my stuff. It was raining but just normal rain.
  • 10:00 AM: I left Meycauayan going to Marikina.
  • 10:21 AM: I plurked that NLEX was experiencing heavy downpour of rain.

0926200912086 (Medium)

  • 11:01 AM: I rode the MRT at North Avenue station to Cubao. By this time, my brother texted me to inform me about the rising water in our street in Marikina. And that most likely, it will enter the house.

    We’re a veteran of many floods. And our street is like the catch basin in the area so yeah, there is a big possibility that it will really enter the house. But I know that our stuff is already on safe places. Coz we’ve already made several “patungan” and they have all proven effective.

    After alighting from the MRT, I went inside Farmers Plaza and saw a commotion at the center area. I went to take a look and saw that the lower ground floor was flooded and vendors were fleeing the area.

ondoy 2

    At around this time, I also called Cebu Pacific to confirm if my flight will push through. After several attempts on Cebu Pacific’s Hotline number:702.0888. They said the flight has not yet been cancelled.

  • 11:20 PM: I crossed the Farmers Plaza – Gateway mall walkway and i saw that the area in front of the Telus building was already flooded and I saw pickup trucks and coasters parked inside the Araneta Collesium parking lot in front of Telus submerged in flood water. Fearing that my Nokia N82 will get wet, I wasn’t able to take a pictureI was determined to go home and so I walked down to the Aurora Blvd side of Gateway mall to get an FX ride home. There was a long line and I saw a lot of passengers waiting along Aurora Blvd. I waited for 15 mins. I saw an SSS Jepney pass by so I followed it and jumped on board.

    Traffic started to build up right after Sogo motel, still along Aurora Blvd. Found out that it was caused by high flood waters which started from 15th street all the way to 20th street.


  • 12:30 PM: I alighted from the jeep in front of TIP fearing that I wont make it home by 1:00 PM. I walked towards Anonas LRT station. I should have taken the LRT in the first place. I don’t why I didn’t think of that before.On board the LRT, my wife texted me and said that they heard on the news that flights have been cancelled in NAIA terminal 3. So I called up Cebu Pacific’s Hotline again and the CSR told me again no flights have been cancelled but their planes have been grounded at the airport. A more detailed entry on this topic can be found on my Travel Blog – What I See Is What I Blog.

More on Part 2.


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