BF will still run for President in 2010

I was watching the events yesterday as the PaLaKa (Partido Lakas Kampi) evaluated and voted their party’s standard bearer for 2010 presidential election.

I was dissappointed with former Mayor Bayani “BF” Fernando performance. The way he presented himself and answered the questions was for me was an indication on what the result would be after the voting. And true enough, his opponent, Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodor was decalred as the party’s bet.

But that will not stop BF from vying for the Presidency. He will still run as an independent (based from reports). BF is a great public servant. Public service and productivity are only two of the fields where he excels. BF is not known to give flowery statements. He’s not the talkative type.. He would rather show you what he can do through the results of his hardwork and dedication to the Job. However, you should also be able to present your vision and be able to answer the pressing questions that would encourage people to support you. Sometimes, its not enough that they see you working…

Good Luck BF!


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