On Sale from August 28 to 30

The following stores/brands will be on SALE from August 28 to 30 at Marikina Riverbanks Mall.

  • Gibi Shoes
  • Marikina Shoe Gallery
  • Reva
  • Sapatusan
  • Sugus Shoes
  • World Balance
  • Nike Outlet Store
  • Blues Brothers
  • BNY Hip Shop
  • Folded & Hung
  • Guess USA
  • Hammer Head
  • Mauve White & Lemon
  • Mossimo
  • Page Boutique
  • Yellow & Blue Boutique
  • Converse



2 thoughts on “On Sale from August 28 to 30

  1. i have a question lang po… i bought the shoes from sugus in year 2006. i love the design and the simplicity, actually i already got 2 other pairs but they were lost when ondoy tragedy came. is there a possibility that i can make pasadya of that shoes for me? pleasssee the shoe design was a like a satin silk cover black with silver around the opening of the shoe and it makes a ribbon when they met at the center, and the heel is very mababa lang thats why im comfortable. i can show you the shoes if payag po kayo na magorder ako of that design. my cellphone number is 09178382900.

    please reply the soonest possible! i hope ur answer is yes! text me if you read this mail so that we could meet and il show you the shoes.

    thanks alot,


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