Malanday will not be divided

Last July 17, 2009,  the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) released the approved resolution to hold a plebecite to split Barangay Malanday in two.  This resolution was Comelec’s answer to the Marikina City Council’s passage of City Ordinance no 207 series of 2008 last December 17, 2008.


And so, on August 15, residents of Barangay Malanday voted either to divide their area in two or stay intact.  The following day, the results were out.

Barangay Malanday has the second largest population having 53,329 with 11,323 households (basedfrom 2008 city census). Out of that number, only 7,000 residents participated in the plebecite. And with around 4,800 votes, the people have decided not to divide their Barangay.

But if the yes votes won, Malanday would have been called Malanday Uno and Malanday Dos.

According to the City Government, the reason for the urge to divide the Barangay was to provide better services to the people such as providng improved peace and order.

Download a copy of the Comelec resolution here

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