UPDATED: Marikina Convention Center


There’s a new venue in town.. a big one… The Marikina Convention Center!


It was opened last February and is ready and willing to accept reservations for any activity or function.

Here’s a look at the lobby..


Here’s inside their function rooms.. Their main function room is on the first floor.


The second floor has two large function rooms on both left and right wing of the convention center. Good for small activities like seminars, general meetings, product launchings. etc.

Marikenya listed the Marikina Convention Center rates (NOTE: as of MAY 2009):

Ground Floor Whole Plenary including Rooms 1,2,3 (36×28 m.)  Php45,000.00
Ground Floor Whole Plenary exluding Rooms 1,2,3 (36×20 m.)  Php30,000.00
Ground Floor Room 1 (12×8 m.) Php5,000.00
Ground Floor Room 2 (12×8 m.) Php5,000.00
Ground Floor Room 3 (12×8 m.) Php5,000.00
Ground Floor Room 1,2,3 (36×8 m.) Php15,000.00
Second Floor Room 1 ((12×8 m.) Php5,000.00
Second Floor Room 2 ((12×8 m.) Php5,000.00
Second Floor Room 3 (6×8 m.) Php2,000.00
Second Floor Room 4 (6×11 m.) Php3,000.00
Second Floor Rom 1,2,3,4 (36×8 m.) Php15,000.00
Second Floor Exhibit Area (36×8 m.) Php15,000.00
*Ingress/Egress Rate per Hour Php500.00

*rates good for Eight Hours

UPDATE: As of October 2013. Published on the Marikina City Website:

Plenary Hall (Size : 36 x 28m)
Rate : PHP 45,000.00
Maximum Hour Use : 6 Hours
Rete in Excess of 6-Hour use : PHP 7,500.00
Total Capacity : SEMINARS – 1,000 PAX, SOCIALS – 800 PAX, THEATER TYPE – 1,200 PAX

Ground Floor Partition # 1,2,5-6 (Size : 12 x 8m)
Rate : PHP 5,000.00
Maximum Hour Use : 6 Hours
Rete in Excess of 6-Hour use : PHP 833.33
Total Capacity : SEMINARS – 30 PAX, SOCIALS – 30 PAX, THEATER TYPE – 100 PAX

2nd Floor Partition Left and Right Wing (Size : 36 x 8m)
Rate : PHP 15,000.00
Maximum Hour Use : 6 Hours
Rete in Excess of 6-Hour use : PHP 2,500.00
Total Capacity :
> Left Wing: SEMINARS – 250 PAX, SOCIALS – 200 PAX, THEATER TYPE – 300 PAX
> Right Wing: SEMINARS – 150 PAX, SOCIALS – 150 PAX, THEATER TYPE – 200 PAX


Ingress (Set-up) /
Egress (Pull out)
PHP 500.00/Hour
(no air-condition)
Electricity Charges PHP 500.00
Full Band PHP 1,000.00
Water Consumption PHP 350.00
Facilities Rental Rates
Round Table PHP 100.00
Seminar Table PHP 100.00
Chairs w/out Cover PHP 20.00

I don’t know the divisions on the Ground floor.

Marikina Convention Center is beside Marikina Hotel, Pio del Pilar St., Brgy. Concepcion II, Marikina City. Location Map here.

They don’t have direct lines posted on the internet yet, but you can call Marikina Hotel for inquiries:

Tel. No.: +632 998 8342 to 45 
Fax No.: +632 998 8341
Email: themarikinahotel@yahoo.com

New contact #: (02) 494-08-00 (This is the Marikina Hotel contact #. I think they also handle the Convention center)

Email: marikinahotelandconventioncenter@yahoo.com


41 thoughts on “UPDATED: Marikina Convention Center

    • i could not call you back.. all your numbers are out of service.. pls send me text at my cell or give me a call at 02-5316672 or 5327134. My cell is 0922-8823414. This is about PAJITA event to be held on Dec. 2 or 3. We just want early assurance if we can avail the venue..We called all your landline so many times, and i was in vain.

  1. good day! please send me location map of the convention hall. nakabook kami for dec11. and we need a copy of the location map for the invitation.


  2. Good day! We are planning to book the place (First floor Rm 123 or Second floor Rooms 1234 15K) for an event on February 26. Is any of these two still available? Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you!

  3. Good PM, i’ve been calling you since this morning but nobody answers. I would like to book for our JS Prom. Is there still available date? We plan to have that on Feb.19, 2011.
    Thanks and please reply asap if possible.

  4. Hi, good afternoon, I’ve been calling you since Monday but nobody answers. I would like to follow up our pencil booking last November 2010. For our reservation from Couples for Christ. This is our date arrangement.

    February 12, 2011 – Saturday
    April 9, 2011 – Saturday
    July 16, 2011 – Saturday
    August 27, 2011 – Saturday
    October 29, 2011 – Saturday

    Please reply in my email address.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  5. Good evening, we would like to ask for our reservation in Ground Floor Whole Plenary on April 24, 2011 for SFC Family Day. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you. God bless.

  6. Tried calling, but nobody was picking up. Tried emailing, but it bounced. Are there any additional contact details that we can try?

  7. is there other number na pwede ko matawagan. Cant contact yung number ng marikina hotel. Please reply as soon as possible. thank you

  8. Hi, I’m looking for a venue for our anniversary celebration. May I know if 450 persons will fit to the Second Floor Rooms 1,2,3 and 4 or Second Floor Exhibit Area? Thanks in advance (0905-570-5905).

  9. The PAJITA (Philippine Association of Junior I.T. Achievers) is planning to have our students (elem and high school) to conduct NCR event in December 2 or 3. We want to know if you have a venue for 300 to 350 persons. Hope you will reply asap.

  10. This is from PAJITA again, about venue in december 2 or 3. Please get in touch with me at 02-5327134 or 0922-8823414. I had a hard time to call all the numbers posted in your website.. Hope to have response from your good office.

  11. Hello. I was wondering, are the numbers for the convention center still available? We tried calling all of it almost everyday, but we could never seem to get through. Please help. Thank you.

  12. i was trying to call the following contact number below but all our busy or not accesible.I just like to inquire venue for my wedding.Hoping your reply..thanks!

    tel. No.: +632 998 8342 to 45
    Fax No.: +632 998 8341
    Email: themarikinahotel@yahoo.com

  13. Good day!

    We would like to inquire on the availability and ratings of your Second Floor Exhibit Area which is 36×8 m. for our Thesis Exhibit this coming March 24-31. We would also like to know if we could only use half, or a third of the said venue due to our small number of needed space along with its corresponding rate if ever possible.

    We look forward to your response.

    Thank you!

    Maria Andrea Paz Taruc

  14. hey do you have any pic of how big the rooms 1,2 and 3 are? or maybe can it accomodate 70-80 persons?please i need a reply

  15. is der an available date by dec 29,around 3pm? about 100-150 guest for wedding venue..tnx pls send me an sms at 09232400499

    • may mga FX sa sta lucia mall papuntang SSS village. Pakisabi nalang sa driver ibaba ka sa marikina convention center. alam nila yan. eto ang location: open maps.google.com then copy this and paste on the search bar: 14.638353, 121.112109

  16. hi good eve, want to know kung same pdin b ung rate ntn, listed below.. san po jan ung pwede mgamit n venue for wedding reception,,?

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  18. May I know the contact number of marikina sports center? Any number will do. As long as someone will answer my call.

    God Bless

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