Marikina City Symbol

Ang lungsod ng may mabuting ugali (The City of Good Conduct) is what the Marikina City symbols wants to impart to everyone inlcuding those non-marikenyos.

symbol21-1The Marikina city Symbol focuses on the character of its people represented by a man wearing a “salakot” (headgear) and “camisa chino” (Chinese shirt) framed by an arch.

The “salakot” traces the man’s native origin, the “camisa chino,” his oriental character, and the arch framed his Hispanic past. The arched frame also represents the community and the limits of one’s individuality.

The faceless head personifies the individual who is one with his community, one who lived by the norms of good conduct (mabuting ugali), in harmony with his neighbor and one who gives honor to his community as he does to himself.

Discipline, Good Taste and Excellence are traits represented by the short buttons as one’s commitment to pursue with zeal and ardor.

The city symbol was designed by then former Mayor Bayani F. Fernando. –Source

For me, this seal symbolizes the hardworking men and women of Marikina City. How it transformed an old and failing city into a new area with a vibrant community.

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