Pan de Amerikana

Pan de Amerikana is like an Oasis in the city. Good food, low priced, and great place (with Wi-fi)… what more can you ask for?


Pan de Amerikana is known for its 1950’s pandesal which seems to be a big hit even unitl today.

Thier mega sized wheat pandesal sells for P5.50 they also have a GIANT pandesal for P55.oo.


Aside from pandesal, they have other meals that would surely suit your taste and budget:


Check out their menu…


I’ve always wanted to try theur dinuguan… but everytime I go to Pan de amerkana, its always not available.. just goes to show how in-demand this meal is! Next time i’ll also try their mega sized ensaymada! (for only P10)

Aside from the Good and not expensive food, Pan de Amerikana also boasts its ambiance!


A gerden setting in one side, Tropical rain forest on the other side, “Antique house” theme on another, and European ruins on the other end… choose the theme that suits your mood!

Plus, they have a big Chess set! The floor is your chess board with life sized chess figures (i duno what its called).

No wonder a lot of people are flocking Pan de Amerikana!

Oh, the place is also good to hold activities and events!

Pan de Amerikana bakeshop Main office:
92 ordonez street Concepcion dos Marikina City (tel. 475-2398)

Other branches:

WHITE PLAINS Quezon City (tel. 421-1966) beside Lola Idang’s
GREENHILLS  Wilson street GREENHILLS San Juan (tel.384-6741).

Plans of putting up a third branch located at MAKATI AVENUE is presently under consideration

For more of Pan de Amerikana, visit their Facebook Page.

Note: Prices are as of posting date.


2 thoughts on “Pan de Amerikana

  1. hi to the owner of this restaurant im kit from qc my friend told me that this is a good place to have a special occasion i just ask you if youre open for a wedding venue?
    its because im planning to marry this summer and im looking for a place
    i hope we can talk about it!! tnx so much

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