Police Clearance Application

How to get a Police Clearance here in Marikina City? Easy! You just need to have the right requirements and follow the easy steps.


To get a police clearance, you need:

  • Recent Barangay Clearance. Have it Photocopied and bring the original too.
  • Recent original Cedula. Have it Photocopied and bring the original.

If you have an expired police clearance and you just want to update it, you just need:

  • Expired Police clearance (only for the previous year)
  • Recent original Cedula.

Fees for police clearance:

  • Renewal – P75.00
  • To be used within the country – P100.00
  • To be used outside of the country – P190.00
  • To be used to avail of a firearm permit – P290.00

Fill up a form. You have to pay the corresponding fee at the cashier. After that, go to the police clearance issuance window and submit your form and payment receipt and wait.

When your clearance is finished, you will be called. 

It would normally take 30 ins to 1 hour.


7 thoughts on “Police Clearance Application

  1. Papel parin po ba ung police clearance sa Marikina, or katulad na po ba ng Rizal na parang ID na ung form ng police clearance?

    Tapos ganun parin po ba ung mga babayaran hanggang ngayon? seeing as this post was made in 2009.

  2. ask ko lang po wala kasi yung original ng baranggay clearnce ko tung xerox lang po meron ako pwede pa po ba ako makaluha/

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