I was able to try out Okavango Restaurant and Bar here in Marikina City.


I didn’t ask why they named this place Okavango but based from my internet search, the name applies to a place in Africa. And maybe that’s why one of the meals that they serve has an african name. 

It has its own building with 3 Floors.1st and 2nd floors are for their resto. The third floor is where you’ll find the Bar with a live band every night.


Here are the the food items that me and my friends tried out.

African Standoff. All grilled items : Chicken, squid, Tuna, beef, and pork with garlic kangkong and 3 sauces. (P400+)


Nachos and dip.


Kangkong de leche. sizzling kangkong with prok strips. Tastes a bit sweet though.


They have a wide range of food choices.  and They serve unlimited iced tea!

The place is good for group events – birthday parties, gimmiks etc.



7 thoughts on “Okavango

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  2. Thank you so much for visiting Okavango !! hope to see you all again.. existing promos right now—-

    5 + 1 on all beers !!!

    Free 1 pitcher of Zombie or Iecd tea for every order of our very own African Standoff 2 ( grilled sampler )

    Come and have fun with us…

  3. Migs,

    You are very good in your mobile photography, hope i could meet you soon..

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Okavango…

    God bless…


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