Marikina City Public Officials

Here is a list of Marikina City Public Officials (as of posting time)

TERM OF OFFICE (to the position)
City Mayor FERNANDO MA. LOURDES C 3rd term Lakas-CMD (02) 646-1634
City Vice Mayor ANDRES MARION S 3rd term Lakas-CMD (02) 645-6407
DISTRICT I            
Councilor CARLOS LEANOR F 3rd term Lakas-CMD (02) 681-9433
Councilor MARCO FERDINAND D 3rd term Lakas-CMD (02) 681-4633
Councilor SANTOS THADDEUS ANTONIO, JR. M 2nd term KABAYANI (02) 681-4633
Councilor FERRIOL SAMUEL S 1st term KABAYANI  
Councilor AYUSON FRANKIE C 1st term Lakas-CMD (02) 430-9719
Councilor SABINIANO VICTORIANO, JR. A 2nd term Lakas-CMD (02) 998-2245
Councilor BERNARDINO SERAFIN Y 2nd term Lakas-CMD (02) 647-3123
Councilor SANTOS PONCIANITO, JR. E 1st term Lakas-CMD (020 681-4633
DISTRICT II            
Councilor FAVIS DONN CARLO B 3rd term Lakas-CMD  
Councilor REYES WILFRED S 2nd term KABAYANI (02) 681-4365
Councilor DAYAO ANNA D 2nd term Lakas-CMD (02) 681-6867
Councilor PUNZALAN HILARIO A 1st term Lakas-CMD (02) 948-5030
Councilor UBALDO PONCIANO, JR. T 1st term Lakas-CMD (02) 942-0056
Councilor DE GUZMAN EFREN S 3rd term Lakas-CMD (02) 942-1090
Councilor ORTIZ ROMMEL F 1st term Genuine Opposition  
Councilor PONCE ROBERTO C 2nd term Lakas-CMD (02) 681-6867

1st District Congressman: Marcelino Teodoro
2nd District Congressman: Del R. De Guzman

Source: DILG


One thought on “Marikina City Public Officials

  1. no permit after renovation no meralco and city hall inspection no business permit aaaaaaaaat dragon st., owner ryan lopez and ching lopez

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